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Google Maps – The New Definition of Sightseeing


Are you one of the few millions of people that enjoy traveling? Are you also one of the few millions of people that enjoy sightseeing? Do you save money each year just to make one special trip out of the country to marvel at the beauty of other places? Do you usually sulk at home when you cannot travel any where because your money supply is low? There is no need for that any more. In June of 2005, history was made when Google launched the Google Maps API. This software has been out for some time now but yet some people are still not fully aware of its capabilities.

Google Maps is a free software that is used to look up directions or to simply see how a specific area looks like. There are three different views in Google Maps. There is a satellite view, a map view, and a street view. The satellite view is an aerial image of a location. The map view is like a regular paper map which displays roads, bodies of water, parks, landscape, and other things.

The third view which is the street view, displays a location from a perspective that seems as if you are actually at the location standing on the street. Google Maps Scrape is the best and perhaps the most favorite view of various people. Google maps also has a panorama view within the street view that allows you to view your location while making a complete 360 degree turn.

With this type of technology, you would think that it would cost hundreds of dollars just to own a piece of this software. However; Google was generous enough to provide it totally free of cost. With this technology, one can basically sit at home and view any where in the world without ever leaving the house. This is a great advancement in technology.

Before this technology was invented, people would actually just view photographs of places before they traveled there. But this technology allows a person to roam the streets of a certain area as if that person was actually there. You can now roam the streets of Argentina, Brazil, or even Hong Kong while in the comfort of your own home. The best thing about this experience is that you will ever have to spend a penny sightseeing with Google Maps. Google Maps is the new definition of sightseeing. It is technology like this that makes one realize that we truly are in the future. When a person can view anywhere in the world right from his desktop, that’s when you know that we are living in times with some of the most innovative people to ever live.

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