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How Might You Be Sure Your IVF Clinic Is Any Good


It took me some time thinking about the way to write this article because I don’t want to trigger negative reactions from readers. I just felt like other lesbian couples need to know some of my thoughts about starting a family. Why do we actually need the help of best fertility doctor in dubai fertility clinics and how do we go about choosing one? In case we want to move to another center or change specialists, when is the ideal time to do that? Aside from the fact that nature unfortunately doesn’t allow lesbian couples to bear children the heterosexual way, there are some important reasons why I think we should seek the assistance of fertility clinics.

First of all, it is safer to undergo treatments in fertility clinics. Why? Clinics follow a certain standard of sanitation. The entire place is kept clean, the gadgets are sterile and the staff, doctors and nurses are all qualified on how to do treatments like IUI and ICI. Though it’s more comfortable to lie in your own bed and more convenient to do the procedure at home, remember that it is not a sterile environment. So it is not bad to spend some bucks for a skilled and licensed specialist to render these services for us. Point number two is that these clinics have the right equipments to ensure that we achieve a successful pregnancy.

One example is the ultrasound that can check the production of follicles. The machine can even identify the number and size of these follicles thus letting us know when insemination is most ideal. Another factor to take note of is the capability of fertility clinics to best ivf clinic in dubai determine and issue that may hinder a patient’s fertility. Specialists can diagnose and treat medical conditions like Endometriosis or ovary problems. They can absolutely help in increasing a procedure’s success rate. You may also have heard of fertility drugs like Letrozole and Clomid. They can increase the production of the eggs that we normally produce therefore increasing the likelihood of undergoing an insemination.

However, remember that taking these pills on our own isn’t advisable. Just like any other medication, we need to seek the advice of a qualified doctor or specialist so that we won’t compromise our own safety. There are those who are actually brave enough to acquire sperm directly from sperm banks like the Fairfax or Dubai Cryobank. How will I know the quality of these samples? What’s more is that these sperms should be further prepared and thawed. And unfortunately, I know that I am not qualified nor trained to do any of the required procedures.

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